amazon drone - flying robot

During American TV broadcast of an online shopping event ‘Cyber Monday’, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Amazon intends to experiment with delivering products via unmanned drones. The new system is called ‘Prime Air’ and will need years of regulatory work, improvement and testing to implement. The expected date for drones to be ready is not earlier than until at least 2015, possibly much later.

The Amazon expects the early designs of robots to deliver packages of up to 5 pounds in weight in less than half an hour. They will lift packages off conveyor belts, and be capable to carry them up to a distance of 10 miles. The hardest part of the design, will be reliability and safety, it might land on somebody’s head.

Meanwhile Waterstones has come up with own unique ornithological answer to Amazon’s idea…:)

The Amazon’s little drones can be already seen in action

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