If after all these driven miles you’re not yet fan of Route 66, travelling across Arizona is bound to convert you. The first state settlement crossed by Route 66 from New Mexico, will greet you with dry, arid desert landscape, but as you follow midway across the state, the route will climb onto the forested and often snowy Kaibab Plateau from where you can feast your eyes with the view of the mighty Grand Canyon. While passing through desiccated towns and petrified Forest National Park, you will still encounter remnants of numerous old roadside attractions – Wigwam Village, Indian trading post or Durlin Hotel – all still function in varying degrees of preservation. Here you will also experience the most extreme climate of all the historic route. Hot days, chilly nights, and remember about the fluids, water scarcity means you might not find it while being away from inhabited areas.

Roadside Attractions

Hackberry Ghost Town

  • The WigWam Motel: Location – Holbrook. Between 1930 and 1950, WigWam Motels used to be a chain of seven identical establishments scattered along Route 66. Today only two of them remain in service, with the second one in California.
  • Jackrabbit Trading Post: Location – Near Joseph City. The giant sign of Jackrabbit Trading Post gift shop which was one of the first “road-marketing” pioneers.
  • Town of Williams: Location – Williams. After being completely decommissioned in 1984, the town remains still alive, and is a one of the historic centre along Route 66. Its facilities and people create an amazing atmosphere that makes you fill like you stepped back in time.
  • Snow Cap Drive In: Location -Seligman. An unconventional family diner built from scrap lumber obtained from the nearby Santa Fe Rail-Road yard. To get attention of the travellers, Delgadillo cut the roof off of his 1936 Chevrolet hardtop and adorned the vehicle with paint, horns and different automotive emblems.
  • Oatman: Location – Oatman. Formerly mining town, today restored as a nice little tourist town. It is unique for the presence of burros or wild donkeys who are wandering freely in the locality.
  • Hackberry: Location – Hackberry. Another mining town located on Arizona State Route 66. Stranded sixteen miles from the new highway after interstate 40 in Arizona bypassed the town, became a ghost town. Today, It has again a small community, with its post office serving a 68 residential mailboxes.
  • Side Trip To Las Vegas: Location – Las Vegas. Although not on Rout 66, due to its popularity, this city of hazard and legal prostitution became one of the main attractions for travellers of Route 66. Approximately 130 miles, 2 hours drive From Oatman, Arizona.

Outdoor Destinations

Grand Canyon National Park

  • The Petrified Forest National Park: Distance – 35 miles 40 min from Chambers, AZ, on route 66. Forest is filled with an amazing concentration of stone-like trunks of trees which are made up of almost solid quartz. North within Petrified Forest, there is “The Painted Desert”, features layers of eroded rocks, stained with iron, manganese and other colourful minerals.  Attractions – Fishing, Hunting,  Hiking, Horse Riding, Bird Watching.
  • Canyon de Chelly National Monument: Distance – 90 miles, 1 h 30 min from Chambers, AZ. Canyon was one of the longest continuously inhabited landscapes of North America. Geologic structures and ancient ruins used to be home to the early indigenous tribes that lived in the area, including the Ancient Pueblo Peoples and Navajo. Attractions – Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, White water Rafting, Horse Riding.
  • Meteor Crater: Distance – 23 miles, 25 min from Winslow, AZ, on route 66. The gaping hole, created by the fall of a meteorite 49,000 years ago. It is 1- km wide and is is the largest impact crater yet discovered in the U.S. Attractions – Hiking, Biking, Sightseeing.
  • Grand Canyon National Park: Distance – 276 miles, 7 h 30 min from Flagstaff, AZ. An amazing landscape of Grand Canyon will overwhelm your senses through its immense size. 446 kilometres (227 miles) of Colorado River within canyon is surrounded by unique combinations of geologic colour and erosional forms. Attractions – Rafting, Hiking, Biking, Mule Rides, Heli-tours.
  • Red Rock State Park: Distance – 40 miles, 1 h 10 min from Flagstaff, AZ. A nature preserve with stunning scenery which centuries ago was home to Sinagua and Yavapai Indians. Although the views alone are enough to have you occupied here, the 286-acre park also includes very reach wildlife and number of winding trails that will also keep you busy with different activities. Attractions – Mountain-Biking, Fishing, Horseback Riding, Hot Air Balloon Flying, Rafting, Jeep & Helicopter Tours.
  • Tonto Natural Bridge State Park: Distance – 87 miles, 1 h 50 min from Flagstaff. Within beautiful grounds of  the park, you will find  a small  pine trees covered valley, that hides a beautiful sedimentary,56 meters high bridge-like rock structure. It is believed that this arch of travertine is the largest natural bridge in the world. Attractions – Hiking, Camping, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Nature Watching.


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