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If you are looking to be in harmony with the nature, rest and revive your spirit or maybe enjoy your active holiday in a totally beautiful and unspoiled place, Faralya is something that is beyond an ordinary vacation. It is a hidden paradise, gem of Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, astonishing natural beauty filled with number of magnificent remains of historical values. Faralya is also called – “village on the cliffs of the Butterfly Valley” and it got its name thanks to amazing valley that is inhibited by species of oil butterflies which not long ago were the only residents there.

The Valley

To get to the valley you will need to either get on the boat or walk down quite a steep path (30-45 minutes), not recommended for elderly or faint hearted. You can also get all the way up to the Babadag mountain and fly down in a tandem paraglider. The valley is the home to 30 different daytime butterflies and 40 flying moths. For lepidopterists and butterfly enthusiasts, there is even a small museum at the valley, where they can find more information about living there butterfly species. Butterflies are only seasonal, so some of them you might not see unless you visit this place during the height of summer.

Things To Do


Apart from a bunch of butterflies flying around, there is a few other things you can do in the valley. A little bit of steep walking will take you up to two small cascades, nothing to get exited over, but It makes a nice trip. Just make sure you have enough time to get back before it gets dark, the path is quite challenging even in a daylight. If you are hot enough you can either swim in the crystal clear sea or walk 15 minutes down the canyon to swim under small refreshing waterfall. For the diving fanatics the “Blue World Diving Centre” which is located right on the beach at the Valley, offers spectacular off shore and off boat diving experiences. If you are not in the mood for any of those activities, simply spend some time reading and sleeping in a hammock while soaking up the warm Turkish sun. The nights are usually reserved for bonfire parties and peaceful time which you can also spend at the small bar where you can drink some cocktails and have a chat with your friends. But if you are rather in the mood for the party, you can make your way up to the Rock Bar. You will need to take quite scary steps carved into the rocks, so be careful. Outside the valley, breath taking Taurus mountain range and its Lycian Way will keep you busy with climbing activities and unforgettable trekking and cycling trips. Paragliding from the top of Babadag mountain is simply something that you will never forget. It’s just a paradise for peace loving, active people.

The Food

Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or vegan, you will be able to eat the healthiest organic food possible. Village baked fresh bread, marmalade, eggs, cucumbers, local mountain honey, fresh fish, meat,  just name it. All these come from the local farmers and organically cultivated gardens. You can eat your meal at the valley or you can head up to the village where you will find a number of places that will happily serve it to you. Unlike many remote places that charge fortunes, prices at the valley are no different than prices that you would find on mainland Turkey.



Accommodation is basic in Butterfly Valley. Wooden hut is the most luxurious option, and prices are really low, with 17 £ per night at the hight of the season. Electricity power is provided until 2 a.m and is turned off three times a day. You will need candles or torches. Hot water is provided by solar energy panels and showers are shared. The area has a quite good cell-phone coverage, but the internet connection is not there yet. I heard that project is under progress. You can also opt for a tent which you can hire on the spot, but if I were you I would book your place before you arrive, unless you don’t mind sleeping on the beach like I did. If you need more luxury you might have to walk up the valley to Faralya village. There you will find a number of small boutique hotels with great views, amazing Turkish cuisine and all the luxuries you need.

How To Get There

The Closest airport is Dalaman airport. From there you can get the bus to Fethiye and change for another bus to Faralya. You can also catch a direct transfer to Faralya, but these mini buses operate only a few times a day. Taxi is always an option too.

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