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According to The Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, these are 10 most dangerous dog breeds based on the number of fatalities in the last 20 years. Should we be more cautious around certain breeds ? I am sure that many accidents are caused due to irresponsible owners and bad training, but genetics and prey drive can have a lot to do with it too. I am not an expert on this subject but one thing I learnt when I was a kid, is that a dog does not need to be unfriendly to be dangerous. Let’s explore some of the most dangerous puppies on the earth.

No 10 – St. Bernard

Origin: Switzerland
Weight: 110-180 lbs
Height: 24-29 inches

7 fatalities in this study. Originally they were bred as rescue dogs. St.Bernards are big and require some space. These generally easy going beasts love to play with children and are very active. Mostly kept as companions nowadays.

No 9 – Great Dane

Origin: Germany
Weight: 90-120 lbs
Height: 27-32 inches

Scooby Doo is known to be one of the largest breeds of dogs ever domesticated, yes our children’s favourite cartoon character is based on Great Dane breed. They are stunning and majestic animals with loving and gentle nature, but their immense size makes them an obvious threat around children and even adults. 7 fatalities recorded.

No 8 – Chow Chow

Origin: China
Weight: 40-65 lbs
Height: 18-22 inches

They are only small little things but reports say they are responsible for the death of 8 people. Chow chows originally were bred to hunt and help shepherds. They are very active and need a lot of attention. They are well known for their aggressive personality and when bored, can jump at strangers and even owners.

No 7 – Doberman

Origin: Germany
Weight: 65-90 lbs
Height: 26-28 inches

Dobermans are one of the most aggressive dogs ever. Trained for protection and defence. If they are trained properly they are very loyal to their masters and very dangerous towards perceived threat. Responsible for 9 fatalities, most of them were in defence of their owners. It is important not to engage in any aggressive play and struggle with these dogs.

No 6 – Alaskan Malamute

Origin: North America
Weight: 80-110 lbs
Height: 23-28 inches

Malamutes can grow quite large and are more passive due to their use as work dogs to pull sled and help with manual labour. They are very active and need a lot of place to play. Their size and sometimes violent behaviour might make them unsafe around children. Death toll-12.

No 5 – Wolf Dog Hybrid

Origin: Prehistoric
Weight: 70-90 lbs
Height: 22-30 inches

The 5th place with 14 listed fatalities: Hybrid wolf-dog is a result of mating of a gray wolf and a dog. Even proper cross-breeding, domestication and training does not completely eliminate the pray drive of the wolf, making them quite dangerous to keep as pets.

No 4 – Husky

Origin: Siberia
Weight: 35-55 lbs
Height: 20-24 inches

Huskies are one of the oldest breeds of the dogs. They also are known to be aggressive which is mainly linked to a poor training because they are proved to be one of the smartest canines in the world. They are related to the grey wolf which perhaps explains their high prey drive and howling at the full moon. They tolerate cold weather very well and are used like their alaskan cousin malamutes to pull sled. 15 fatalities reported in this study.

No 3 – German Shepard

Origin: Germany
Weight: 70-85 lbs
Height: 22-26 inches

Beautiful creatures which you can tell apart from other breeds by their obedient and reliable temper. They love playing games and have a very active nature. Originally they were used for grazing sheep. Their high intelligence and aggressiveness makes them invaluable for police and guarding jobs. 17 fatalities makes them third deadliest breed ever.

No 2 – Rottweiler

Origin: Germany
Weight: 85-110 lbs
Height: 23-27 inches

Second position goes to Rottweiler which was responsible for 39 deaths. An old breed which requires a lot of training to dampen their prey drives. They can get as heavy as 70 kg in some unusual cases and their usually passive behaviour is very unpredictable. They are very well known to be prone to aggressive outbursts. They have very powerful jaws, an instinct for protection and usually don’t like strangers and other dogs.

No 1 – Pit Bull

Origin: US
Weight: 30-55 lbs
Height: 18-22 inches

The winner is…American Pit Bull Terrier. Death toll=66. I don’t know about you, but when I see them freely running around the park without a muzzle, my heart rate goes up straight away. Extremely powerful and aggressive dogs, unpredictable and dangerous menace, a killing machine bred to fight to death. They are banned in many countries due to the amount of attacks reported to police or animal control. They require very responsible management and proper training.

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