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How many times did you hear ladies say “I don’t want to lift heavy, It will make me look muscular”. In many cases they won’t lift weights at all, believing that it will make them look unattractive. I can assure you that our lovely lady from the photo above, had more steroids in her life than you will ever eat bread for your breakfast, to say nothing of diet, great genetics, determination, and complete dedication to what she does. Forget it, the truth is that even men will have a hard time to get half as muscular as she is. Due to the fact that women’s body can not naturally produce as much testosterone as men, it is quite impassible to gain significant amount of muscle mass. Here is a bad news for some of our ladies that want to look like a fitness model, YOU HAVE TO LIFT HEAVIER WEIGHTS, doing 15 repetitions with the weight that you can lift 30 times, will take you nowhere. Most of mambo-jumbo advices given to women regarding their weight training are archaic and taken from 15th century. Only good nutritional practices and hard training can bring on great results.

Weird Theories


Lifting is dangerous

Find yourself a good personal trainer if you do not know what you are doing. In fact lifting can save you from many injuries if performed correctly.

If I stop lifting, my muscles will turn back into fat

I am not sure where this is coming from, but you never turned your fat into muscles in the first place. Missed the classes in the school days? Muscles and Fat are totally two different tissues. People usually ditch their diet and stop weight training which will increase fat tissue and decrease muscle tissue.

People that used to lift weights look flabby

If you weighed 150kg and you lost a lot of your weight in a very short period of time, it might result in the flabby appearance. By gaining weight you stretched your skin and in most cases it will not nicely shrink back to fit your shape after loosing your size. It also applies to steroid using body-builders with hugely increased muscle tissue, and only happens when they ditch their training completely, loosing huge amounts of muscle weight.

Lifting makes you inflexible

Try to test hamstring flexibility in an average runner who does not squat or doesn’t do any kind of weight lifting, no good, I know. Stretching should be a part of any training routine, so do not blame it on weights. In fact exercises like dumbbell-fly, stiff-legged dead-lifts or chin-ups, stretch the muscle in the bottom range of the movement.

Lifting increases your chest size

That wouldn’t be so bad news, but I need to disappoint a few ladies here. Girls breast are composed mostly of fat tissue and weight training might decrease the size of your chest.

Why Should Women Lift ?


1 – Increased metabolism

Lifting will increase your basal metabolic rate (resting metabolism). So even if you are sitting on the couch or behind your desk, your fat is still being burnt after weight lifting session.

2 – Reduced risk of heart diseases and diabetes

Lifting is not just good for your looks. Muscles help remove glucose and triglycerides from your blood stream, and at the same time they reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, and prevent hardening of the arteries.

3 – Burn more calories

Recent studies from the University of Southern Maine, indicate that weight training can burn more calories than running or cycling. Unlike traditional slow pace cardio training, plyometrics, kettle bell workouts or crossfit routines can skyrocket your heart rate and burn more calories in much shorter time.

4 – It is good for your skeleton

Lifting will also counteract age-related bone loss and prevent conditions like osteoporosis. So It is good for your bones.

5 – Finally – No Comments, just take a look


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