Erovision- Gender Vs Normal

Eurovision has never had anything to do with real people voting, we all know that voting in this song contest is purely political. But I’m not rumbling on Conchita Wurst winning the contest over Polish Donatan & Cleo. Polish didn’t sing up to scratch, too bad, they didn’t win. More than eighty million people in 45 countries were blown away by the performance of “Chuck Norris” pretending to be a young woman, good for him or her, I’m not really sure which one, anyway, congratulations. But what really ticked me off, was commentators’ negative comments and all the criticism thrown towards Polish performance from some press news and judges…I am getting confused even more.

“Poland went ‘two boobs too far’ with raunchy performance”


“It’s not supposed to be about buxom ladies washing their intimates on stage”


“I’d say it was soft porn”


“Families were sitting at home watching, so I don’t think it was right”


“I was shocked to see something like that on a family show”



Excuse my language, but since when a geezer in a dress pretending to be a women or maybe the other way around, is more Pro-Family than undeniably beautiful girls singing in costumes that emphasise their “assets” ?, hardly scanty or controversial by today’s standards set by Lady Gaga.



We can all witness in recent decades something called cultural and social transformation of sexuality, and apart from a few scandals and public debates, the process has been allowed to move along gradually and quietly.

The promotion of so-called homosexual “marriage” and children adoption / Preschool sexualization of little children, contrary to legitimate parental rights / The attempt to turn abortion into a human right through legislation. In some European schools teachers can’t even refer to their students’ gender, they have to call them by their first names or as ‘buddies.

From an act of tolerance for people who are in certain ways different from general population, we have been made to believe that self-gratification and prosthetic substitution is no different, we have been made to believe that sexuality is not a cultural phenomenon any more, that it is not longer an analogy between the workings of nature. Our sexuality is not any more a metaphor for pleasure and happiness.

While old sexuality was mystified in a positive way as an ecstasy and used to be based primarily upon sexual instinct, orgasm and the heterosexual couple, now it’s seen as a negative mystification characterized by violence, abuse and deadly infection.


If you take this post as racit, I am sorry, too bad, but I don’t consider myself racist. I pride myself on being tolerant, easy-going and open-minded, but I also feel a big disconnect between being tolerant and setting the actual legal status of LGBT. You might be one of many people who don’t think that using different sexual orientation to promote unnatural behaviour in children is bad.

What about my kids?…They also have their rights, the universal rights, not the rights set by a bunch of politicians who are either corrupted or have their natural senses blurred by high levels of cholesterol. My children have the right to be called by their gender, they have the right to know why being gay or transvestite is different.

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