FX – Man & Women

The floor refers to an exercise surface with designated perimeters — the “out of bounds”, and is considered an apparatus. It contains springs, plywood combination and a rubber foam which make the floor bouncy, soften the impact of landings and make it possible to gain significant heights when tumbling.

Ruls & Scoring

The maximum allowed time for a gymnast on the floor is up to 70 seconds for males and up to 90 seconds for females. Unlike men, women usually perform routines to music. Choreography is composed of acrobatic and dance elements and above all other events, allows the gymnast to express his or her personality through his or her dance and musical choice. Music used for the routine has to be chosen by a gymnast or her/his coach, but can not include spoken words or sung lyrics. Men’s routine is mostly made up of acrobatic elements, combined with other gymnastic elements of strength, balance and flexibility. Rules require from the athlete to perform a different number of tumbling passes, and same as with the other gymnastic events, scores are based on difficulty, form, control, and overall quality of performance. Deductions are taken for lack of flexibility, not using the whole floor area or stepping out of it, pausing before tumbling lines, using the same diagonal more than twice, and not conforming to music rules.
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