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Do you want to get better at pull ups? or maybe you can not pull up once. If not, you have some homework to do. Pull up is not only a great exercise that is great for your upper body from fitness point of view, but it is also a very functional movement that might even save your life one day.

What not to do

When you search the internet you will find a bunch of advises on how to improve your pull-ups, some of them good and some of them bad. While lat-pull down machines or dumbbell rows might assist you and be great back exercises on their own, they will not make you achieve your pull ups goal. Assisted pull-up machine ? “gosh” I even read someone’s article in which the guy praised It over all other pull-up exercises. Let me tell you something, It might seem like a good piece of equipment to help you achieve unassisted pull-ups, but It is not, ditch it ! forget It ! if your goal is to get good at pull-ups, you need a different approach. This machine will disengage a number of muscles that assist in pull-up movement, to say nothing of putting your spine in some awkward, unnatural position. Pull up is a compound exercise that involves more than just lats, shoulders or your biceps. It will engage your mid core muscles, gluts and leg muscles, yes, if you know how to do it, it will definitely help you squeeze one more rep or pull heavier weight if you train weighted pull ups.


This programme is called grease the groove and is just one of many ways to get you to do more pull-ups. This technique can be used for variety of goals and is well suited for someone who is able to do only a few pull-ups or none at all, and believe me, it does work. I found it most beneficial when working on no more than two exercises at the time. You are going to practice your pull ups 4-6 times a day, one set at the time, at 50% to 80% of your best max, for 4-6 times a week. Try to spread your sets evenly throughout the day.

For Example:

Let’s say you can do only 5 pull-ups or chin ups with a proper form, full range, from the bottom to your chin. What you would do is perform 2-3 pull ups, 4-6 times a day for the first week or two. After a week or two you will increase your repetition to 3-4 in each set and carry on for the next week or two.

  1. Stay at least 2 reps shy of failure, DO NOT MAX OUT!!! If you do, It will be your failure in achieving your goal.
  2. Do not rush and do not add an extra reps too soon, give it at least one week.
  3. Don’t try to do any kind of extra pull-up exercises if you do an additional training in the gym.

What if I can not do a single pull-up ?

If You can not do a single repetition, you are going to follow the same routine with the aid of exercise bands.You will need to choose the right band colour so you can work at 50% to 80% of your 5-8 repetitions maximum. So: You should test which band will allow you to do only 5-8 repetitions, than carry on in the same fashion as It is described above, performing only 2-3 or 4-6 repetitions. Once you feel you are making a progress, simply trade down the band size or move to unassisted pull-ups.

How to use an exercise band to aid your pull-ups.


  • Pull your shoulders down and away from your ears.
  • Squeeze your quads and gluts.
  • Slightly contract your abs.
  • Do not try to pull too high above your chin, it will throw the tension of the focus muscles.

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