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Did you realise that McDonald’s has the website which is dedicated to help its employees cope with stress and financial problems ? As much as I want to be sarcastic here, this is true. The company that sells the poison to all people enjoying eating it, also pays their employees the crappiest wages possible and has a cheek to tell them how to live on it. Among the proposals are “breaking food into pieces” so that you can feel full eating less of it, freeing up some cash by selling “unopened purchases” on eBay or even, “quit complaining” because ten minutes of complaining increases levels of stress hormone.
Protesting about low wages seems to be waste of time, actually the recommendations were made public after the activist group “Low Pay Is Not OK,” which promotes higher wages for fast food industry employees, posted a video on YouTube addressing the McResource employee website. You also might get arrested like Nancy Salgado did, over expressing her concerns during speech made by McDonald’s USA President.


McDonald’s Survival Guide

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