men working at dangerous heights

We all need to work to survive in this world. While some of us will deal with boredom and stress some will be challenged and many times die by exposing themselves to extremely dangerous conditions and situations. The statistics of the most dangerous professions differ between countries and can change from year to year. This list is based on average taken from 20 different countries which are reporting these professions as top 10 dangerous jobs.


No 10 – Fire Fighter

Being a fire fighter is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. There is no guarantee that they will not die or suffer injury when fighting burning buildings. Other occupational hazards come from smoke inhalation, chemicals or falling debris.

No 9 – Farmers

In most of the developed countries the machinery is the main culprit responsible for farmer’s deaths. Third world countries lack the technology but the risk is still high due to extremely long hours during planting and harvest seasons. Hard labour, exposure to the sun, and also snake bites contribute to the tall. In some countries there are as many as 38 deaths per 100,000 workers.

No 8 – Mine Workers

Miners have to work in the extremely harsh conditions in which they risk cave-ins, explosions and respiratory diseases. The good news is that number of incidents in most countries have been on a decline since 2006. The United States Department of Labour Statistics recorded only 35 fatalities in 2012 as opposed to 73 fatalities recorded in 2006.

No 7 – Truck/Lorry Drivers

Fatigue, irregular working hours, bad weather conditions, bad roads are amongst most common factors that lead to fatal accidents. The load and size of the vehicles mean that even the smallest error can be potentially deadly.

No 6 – Steel/Roof Workers

No matter how good your circus skills are, when you are walking on the 5-inch wide metal planks, climbing ladders and avoiding falling debris, this is a risky business. 30-34 deaths per 100,000 workers are quite common in many countries.

No 5 – Police

Ironically the main cause of police-men dying comes from high speed chases and pull-overs. They also have to deal on a daily basis with armed robberies and terrorists.

No 4 – Soldiers

I don’t think I need to explain dangers involved in this profession.

No 3 – Aircraft Pilots

Crop dusting is by far one of the most dangerous due to the fact that planes are very small and pilots have to fly them very close to the ground. Banner flying, commercial flights etc, are all included in this category. If something goes wrong, there is very little option but crashing down.

No 2 – Lumberjack

Lumberjacks, they are also known by the name- a logger or a wood cutter. One of the worst jobs in the category “Danger”. Fatality statistic- 91.9 out of 100,000. Severed limbs, falling trees and machinery accidents are very frequent and all contribute to this black statistic.

No 1 – Commercial Fisherman

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention the most chances of dying you will have while working on the sea as a commercial fisherman. 128 deaths per 100,000 workers speaks for itself. The main causes are falling over board or vessels disasters due to weather conditions.

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