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These are sport activities were you are very likely to get hurt or even killed while playing at them! Don’t agree with the list? Tell us which sport in your opinion, should be ranked higher and why.


No 10 – Cave Diving


This activity will give you a chance to explore uncharted territories, but, you might pay the steep price! The cave diver can often go down as deep as 100 feet where unknown pitch black caves offer cramped spaces, strange creatures attacks, decompression sickness, freezing to death in ice cold water. There is a little room for error in this conditions. Since the 1960, there died more than 500 cave divers. Watch Video

No 9 – Mountain Climbing


High altitude climbing claims many humans’ life every year. Just Mount Everest claimed 180 lives since the first noted ascend. Supposedly 1 in 60 climbers die while trying to defeat this mount. Climbers very often die on the way up due to severe conditions. Pneumonia, frostbite, hypothermia, hypoxia, and deadly falls are amongst the culprits. Watch Video

No 8 – Surfing


The big wave surfing is purely designed for adrenaline junkies, far more dangerous than it seems to be. These huge waves require skills in “Tow Surfing” to be ridden upon, you can not just simply paddle in. The massive size and force of some of the biggest waves can pose very serious and life threatening injuries. The biggest risk is in being stuck under multiple consecutive waves or being thrown into a reef. Apart from drowning and crash injuries you might also become a tasty meal to blood-thirsty sharks. Deaths: Estimated 200/year. Watch Video

No 7 – Extreme Skiing


Extreme skiing is basically about skiing in a extremely difficult environment which usually can be only accessed by a helicopter. These conditions are very difficult to foresee. Mountain terrain is diverse and offers many unmarked trees, roots, rocks, and even cliffs. Some of these adrenaline junkies enjoy free falling from immensely high cliffs and even go as far as causing avalanches, just for the thrill of skiing in front of them. Watch Video

No 6 – Bull Riding


You straggle to control the beast and you do not even know when you start flying 10 feet away into the air hurled by the bull’s dancing. You are lying face down and when you try to get up you can feel the bull’s horns tossing you around like a piece of rag. The most dangerous 8 seconds in all sports. In American tradition, the rider must stay up mounted for 8 seconds while having his hands fastened with the rope tied around the bull’s flank. This activity many times causes severe injuries, life long disabilities, and many deaths among the players. Watch Video

No 5 – Creeking


Would you be inclined to trap your legs inside the cockpit of the kayak and attempt your way down a 90 feet (27m) high waterfall? I am not quite sure whether these people are not on some drugs. Obviously dangerous currents, rocks, and grade 6 rapids are not enough to make their day. Tyler Bradt set a new record by dropping 186 feet (18 stories) at 2000 cubic feet per second from Palouse Falls in Washington State. These kayakers simply dice with death. Watch Video

No 4 – Clif Diving


Divers risk their lives or disabilities just for the thrill of these most dangerous descents in the world. They can jump even from 148 feet (45 meters) above the water. Hitting the water badly can cause an injury or death. Jumping from these heights and landing in horizontal or “pancake” position, is the same as landing on the concrete. Contact with a rock, branch, the bottom and even a fish can be deadly. Some of the leaps to the sea require perfect timing and judgement. La Quebrada divers know very well that to wait for the perfect wave means the right depth and another day of life. Watch Video

No 3 – Free Rock Climbing


The reason for a level of danger is due to lack of any safety equipment and that includes ropes. Apart from big guts you will need an incredible skills and strength. Most of the top athletes in this sport can do one hand and even one finger, multiple,unsupported pull-ups. Average Death Toll: 113/year or 1/27,000 climbs. Just Watch

No 2 – Wing Suit Base Jumping


Wing suit base jump flying is quite similar to base jumping. In base jumping you will freely fall from fixed objects like buildings or mountains and use a parachute to break the fall. In wing-suit base jumping apart from parachute, special jumpsuit adds surface area to the human body to enable a significant increase in lift and let you fly like a bird. Participants can fly dangerously low with the speed of over 300 kph (200 mph). To be able to participate in this activities you will need a huge skydiving experience and a big heart. It turns out that over the past 5 years, 4 participants died per 1000 in base jumping. Wing-suit flying being a relatively new activity doesn’t have much data on fatalities, however fatality rates during the developmental period for this extreme sport were quite high. Between 1930 and 1961, 71 out of 75 people died trying to perfect a wing-suit. Watch and Judge.

No 1 – TT Motorcycle Race


Can you imagine taking a part in the event that you know that more, rather than less likely someone will die in, and It might be you? I think this sport deserves infamous first place. The TT race is 100 years old and has claimed 223 lives which makes it more than one death per race. Do you know a sporting event in which someone dies nearly every event? This year, it claimed the life of Japanese rider Yoshinari Matsushita who died in an accident during qualifying session. It is not a track race, this event takes place on the ordinary narrow B-roads with 264 corners that are lined with stone walls, telegraph poles and other objects. With an average speed of 120 mph there is no room for errors. Watch Video

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