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Research suggest that most people who live in big cities spend more than 90% of their lives indoors. Most of us train indoors, sleep, drive to work and back, and finish the day sitting in front of the telly inside the house. The only outdoor time we seem to spend is walking to and from our car. Social interaction, forming relationships, physical and mental development are all linked to outdoor lifestyle. Being outdoors also helps reset circadian rhythms, bring balance to your hormones and promote weight loss. Let’s look closer at few more benefits of exercising outdoors as opposed to indoor training.

1 – Clean Air

Studies show that indoor air can be three times as much polluted as outdoor air.

2 – Increase of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, single most underrated nutrient. It is made by your body when sun touches your skin. It is not promoted by drug companies because simply, they can not sell it to you. Obtaining vitamin D from diet or pills will never bring the same results on as having it from sun. Natural sunlight will increase absorption of calcium which in turn will result in strengthened bones, reduced systemic inflammation, improved  immune system, and might also prevent depression and some of the cancers.

3 – Increased Levels of Negative Ions

Increased content of negative ions in air, will make us feel refreshed and invigorated. Ions have been linked to increased alertness and decreased anxiety. It also brings our resting heart rate down and decreases drowsiness.

4 – Increase In Endorphins & Serotonin

Training outdoor has been proved to increase our endorphins and serotonin levels. First one makes us feel good and the second one helps us feel calm, capable and alert.

5 – Variety of Exercise Routines

Some of the functional exercises in most gyms are simply not quite possible to perform. Sprinting, multi directional running drills, climbing or throwing different objects.

6 – Get A Tan

True, too much sun to the point of getting burned can be quite dangerous, but you don’t need to get burned, just be sensible like with everything else. Avoiding sunlight can be very bad for your health.

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