prohibited area that you are banned to enter

Secrets, security, exclusivity and many other reasons why these places are marked as off limits. What can be found behind those doors and fences ? No matter how tenacious you are, unless you’re a highly ranked government official, royalty or a well-connected millionaire who’s bound to secrecy, you will never find out, you won’t be visiting any of these ten locations in your lifetime.

10 – R.A.F Menwith Hill, U.K

This U.K air force is the largest electronic monitoring site on earth. If missile is launched or plot hatched, they will hear about it here first.

9 – Club 33 , Disneyland , California , U.S.A

This exclusive member’s club is for VIPs only and has decades long waiting list to join.

8 – Bohemian Grove, California, U.S.A

It looks like any other innocent campsite from outside, but to get inside, you’d have to be one of the worlds most powerful people.

7 – Vatican Secret Archive, Vatican City

Most of the text can be actually ordered up. Despite the whole secret refers to the pope’s papers that contain it, there is no chance of you ever going inside.

6 – Lascaux Caves, France

Covered in Paleolithic cave art, entrance to these caves is only granted to a handful of handpicked scientists.

5 – Pine Gap, Australia

The only prohibited area in Australia which doesn’t allow entering or overflying the air space up to 18,000 feet of height.

4 – Metro 2, Moscow, Russia

Purported secret underground metro system in Moscow which was built by Stalin to be used by Russian secret services.

3 – Room 39, Pyongyang, North Korea

Supposedly government-controlled front for drug dealing and smuggling.

2 – Mezhgorye, Russia

Rumoured to be location of Russia’s ‘dead hand’ nuclear missile site.

1 – Area 51, Nevada, U.S.A

This Air-force site is so closely guarded that conspiracy theories about abound. Aliens, secret weapons, illegal experiments just name it.

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