Gliding through the air lifted by powers of our dear friend E.T., is so far still confined to bed time stories and watching fantasy movies. But riding over rooftops might not be as far from reality as one could think. The SkyCycle project which is 135-mile network of three-story high bike paths, has many enthusiasts and already gained the backing of Network Rail and Transport for London. Roads are planned to be built above existing rail lines with over 200 access ramps situated in various parts of the city. The first four mile stretch out of 10 routes planned to be built over the next 20 years, would run from east London to Liverpool Street Station and would cost an estimated £220m.

skycycleroute plans

Although £220m sounds like a ridiculous amount of money for a bike path, the cost is much lower when compered to much higher price of building new roads or tunnels as an alternative solutions to traffic congestion. According to the designers, each of the 20-foot wide roads would be suspended on pylons that would handle up to 12,000 cyclists per hour, and apart from improving an average bike journey time by nearly 29 minutes, it will also make cycling significantly safer in the city where in November alone, car-versus-bike accidents claimed six cyclists lives in less than two weeks.

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