UB – Women

Also called asymmetric bars, originally uneven bars consisted of women’s parallel bars set to different heights. In the early 1950s, routines mainly consisted of simple circles, kips, holds and static balance elements. Today the bars are made of fibreglass with wood coating and are supported by the steel frame. Routines involve moves such as : dismount, somersaults, passes over, under, and between the two bars that may pass through the handstand.

Scoring & Ruls

Routines scores are based on difficulty, form, technique and composition. Elite gymnasts make up their own routines within specific requirements, but gymnasts of levels 1-6, have to perform the same compulsory routine. Deductions are taken for many different mistakes, including execution errors, bad form, pauses, falls, steps on the dismount or extra swings that do not lead into another skill, also called “empty” swings. Unlike on high bar and rings, gymnasts are not allowed to be lifted to the uneven bars to commence their routines. They should mount the apparatus with either a simple or a difficult skill, on the high or low bar, or use running mounts or springboards.
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