Coca-Cola is not only one of the most advertised carbonated drinks but also can be a great tool for removing rusty stains on car’s surfaces. Yes that’s right, to get rid of corrosion from car battery, pour it with Coke and the corrosion will disappear. Dip a cloth in coca-cola and wrap it around rusty screw for several minutes to solve a problem. It also does a good job at cleaning stains from clothes, just pour it on dirty clothes and add washing powder as usual, you will be surprised. As we can see it can have many uses, but I am not really sure about drinking it. Increased risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, calcium deficiency, or DNA damage are only a few long term consequences that some of the coca-cola or other sodas and sweet drinks lovers might suffer. Let’s look at immediate effects of carbonated drinks on our bodies & see what happens in your body right after drinking it.

Immediate Effects Of Cola On Your Body

  • During the first 10 minutes, a daily recommended intake of sugar which is contained just in one can of coca cola (approx ten teaspoons), hits your system. You are not vomiting from the overwhelming sweetness because phosphoric acid allows you to keep it down by killing the flavour.
  • 20 minutes: Your blood sugar hits the sky and causes an insulin burst. At the same time, the liver starts turning any sugar into fat.
  • 40 minutes: Your body completes absorbing caffeine. This is when your pupils dilate, blood pressure increases, and your liver responds further by dumping more sugar into your bloodstream. In your brain, the adenosine receptors are blocked, which stops you from getting drowsy.
  • 45 minutes: Your body increases your dopamine production which stimulates the pleasure areas of your brain. Heroin works the same way.
  • 60 minutes: More boost in metabolism is caused by the phosphoric acid which binds calcium, zinc and magnesium in your lower intestine.
  • 60 + minutes: The caffeine starts working. This is when you go to the loo and start peeing out sodium, electrolyte, water, magnesium, zinc and also calcium that was on its way to your bones. Later as the whole commotion inside your body dies down, you’ll begin to have a sugar crash. You might get sluggish and irritable.

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